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We hope you can find everything you need. AMERICAN CARPET AND TILE is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything to meet your expectations.
American Carpet and Tile offers complete customer satisfaction through craftsmanship,honesty and full information.We will not only correct the problem,we will make effort to correct the cause.We realize that trust is something that must happen,as trust is born by actions not by words.Allow us the opportunity to earn your trust.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality professional and commercial services.We believe we can attain this goal by encouraging our personnel to challenge themselves to plan for long term achievement and to have fun along the way.As a result,we will receive fair rewards for our labor and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers..
1. Our people are our greatest assest
2. Our customers expect results from us and we expect results from ourselves
3. We must deliver to our customers what we have said, we will deliver no surprises
4. The consistency of our services and our honesty in trade are the basis of our reputation
5. The timely and efficient delivery of service to our client is the primary factor which effects our ability to profit from our labor
6. In order that we may exist to service future customers, we must make a fair profit  from our present work
1. Both the company and the individuals within it must win or the relationship need not start
2. Each person within the company will be positioned to best utilize his or her special talents with our customers
3. Each person within the company will strive toward working with each other to achieve a goal for our customers
4. To serve our customers, we must solve their problems
5. To solve customer's problems we must focus on the critical details
6. We must plan with care and execute with excellence
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